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  • Team All-Ireland are GO!

    Hi all,

    Holly here, me and Kitty will be giving you all a few updates on what's happening in the world of Team All-Ireland and keeping you all in the know with our progress. I'll try not to duplicate anything already on the website, but sometimes things get too exciting so I may just repeat some information (for example - have you ordered your Team All-Ireland teeshirt yet?!)

    Well, the team was created just over two months ago, following on from the tryouts held in Dublin, and in the meantime we've been busy little bunnies! We had our first 'team' practice at the end of July, working out how we play with each other, and where we fit in best within the team and in lineups. Even though lots of the skaters were involved in a bout the following day (CCF vs DRG), everyone was giving their all which was great to see! I certainly left the day with a fair few bruises, and a wonderful rinkrash (which was rather uncomfortable on the plane home!)

    Behind the scenes, this website popped up; we've been working on setting up bouts against other teams, so we get to play as a whole, rather than against each other; we've been chasing up some potential sponsors (keep your eyes peeled to this site for more information about team sponsors - and if you have a few spare Euro (or other denomination!) don't forget there's a 'Donate' function through this website, as every cent will count towards our trip!) and we voted in our Team Captain - congratulations to Sinister Mary Clarence of the London Rollergirls!

    Individually the girls and guys are all working hard both on and off-skates, Violent Bob, our Head Coach, is currently at a ref bootcamp (hopefully mastering the art of how to negotiate penalties with Head Referees!) and we're all putting time into fundraising, as individuals and teams. (Again, note the 'Donate' button ...)

    So, to summarise, we're all go here, keep your eyes peeled for bouts we'll be playing in, information on who's helping us to get to Canada, and order yourself a teeshirt - we hope to make every teeshirt wearer proud in December!

    The usual hugs 'n shoves

    Holly Sheet x

    (ps, I apologise in advance if my future posts become less diplomatic, and more rambling. I'm almost certain they will!)


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